Phantomleaf Camouflage

We at Phantomleaf are working on the development of modular camouflage systems for professional applications.

Our latest algorithms generates camouflage patterns which work intelligently because of their virtually auto-adaptive design. Compared to up-to-date models they show a remarkably improved performance, especially for moving objects against a changing background.

This concept allows us not only to provide new designs for special field requirements as well as to increase the effects of existing camouflage types. If you want to equip your workforce with modern technology, but have to keep your corporate identity at the same time, we can help you.

Working in a reliable network with our industrial partners, we are able to offer an entire range of textile products. Starting with only fabric we can apply enhancements and manufacture clothing according to your needs. Regardless if you just want to aquire a camouflage pattern license, buy bulk stock of the material of your choice or want us to produce your complete equipment, we are flexible enough to meet your demands. Beyond that we can develop and project patterns for large objects like vehicles and structures.

Phantomleaf – Intelligent Camouflage Systems.
Made in Germany. Patented. Efficient.